The Late “Harry Potter” Co-Star Robbie Coltrane Has Been Remembered By His Co-Star, Emma Watson

Watson, 32, stated on her Instagram Account on Friday, saying, “There was no better Hagrid.” At the same time, the rest of the Harry Potter cast who had performed with Coltrane expressed respect for the character played by Rubeus Hagrid in all eight films.

She described Robbie as “the most entertaining uncle I’ve ever had,” adding that he was also “very kind” and “empathetic” towards her as a youngster and as an adult. It was fitting that he played a giant, given that his gift was so vast that it could fill a whole theater.

Watson followed her statement by promising to do something kind for Robbie in his honor if she ever gets the chance to work with him again. Get a load of how much I love and respect you. Your kindness, funny nicknames, laughter, and hugs will be sorely missed. Because of you, we’re a complete unit now. Recognize that you were that to us.

The actress concluded that no one could play Hagrid better. As Hermione, you made my life a delight. Daniel Radcliffe, who costarred with Watson in the Harry Potter films, also released a statement on Friday expressing gratitude for the opportunity to have worked with Coltrane.

According to Radcliffe (now 33), “Robbie was one of the funniest guys I’ve encountered, and he liked to keep us giggling continuously as kids on the set.” My favorite memory of him was from (2004’s) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when we were trapped in Hagrid’s hut for hours during a massive downpour, and he kept us all laughing and smiling by telling stories and cracking jokes.

As Radcliffe noted, I am tremendously fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and work with him, and profoundly unfortunate at his passing. He was beautiful to be around, in addition to being a phenomenal performer on stage.

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