The Medical Condition Harrison Ford’s Daughter Georgia Lives With

Harrison Ford lived through a parent’s worst nightmares — knowing that his daughter Georgia was suffering from seizures, but having no idea what was causing them. In 2016, during the Finding a Cure for Epilepsy (FACES) gala, Ford revealed that Georgia experienced her first seizure as a child while at a sleepover, which was diagnosed as being brought on by migraines, per ABC News. During his speech, Ford shared that his daughter had another “big one” and recalled, “I said to myself, ‘This is Los Angeles, we have some of the best doctors in the world, they must know what’s wrong with her.’ But nothing was diagnosed as epilepsy.” After suffering another seizure in London, Ford finally got the answer he was looking for. “Dr. Orinn Devinsky, who is a dear friend, made the diagnosis: epilepsy. He prescribed the right medication and therapy; she has not had a seizure in eight years.”

Ford previously opened up in 2010 about how epilepsy has affected him. “There’s a history of epilepsy in my family and I’m really aware of what a devastating affliction it can be. It not only affects the person who suffers from epilepsy, but it affects their entire family and it’s really important to talk about it,” he said, per the Epilepsy Foundation. He added that he hopes there will be a cure soon and the “Star Wars” actor continues to actively support FACES in hopes of eradicating epilepsy.

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