The network suspects that the singer Adele has increased her lips

Shortly after her divorce from her husband Simon Konecki, singer Adele changed dramatically. She began to monitor her diet and actively went in for sports. Thanks to all this, the star managed to lose about 40 kilograms.

This, of course, was reflected not only in her figure but also on her face. So, many Internet users even assumed that weight loss alone was not enough.

Fans were sure that Adele repeatedly visited the office of a plastic surgeon, or at least a beautician, to make “beauty shots.” The singer herself, of course, did not react to these rumors.

However, new photos of the paparazzi, in which the artist is depicted in a car and without makeup, hint at the fact that she slightly enlarged her lips.

Adele’s fans began to compare these shots with older ones – those times when the star was still in a more familiar weight for everyone. And the difference is really obvious.

Adele was on the naughty list of her fans when she pulled the plug on her Vegas residence just a day before the start of her weekend. At the time, she was crying COVID-19, but it was discovered that the real reason for her cancellation was much deeper.

Despite their pleas, Adele has yet to deliver on her promise to reschedule the dates – leaving angry ticket holders with the hope that they will see her in Sin City someday.

“To be honest, I can’t even believe it. What is it for her? She’s a diva, a living legend”, “I think it’s all about the boyfriend,” “Rich changed Adele a lot.

She began to behave differently in communication with fans and the press. Why to be surprised that I decided to pin my lips on his advice?”, “The difference is impressive between the photos, but I wouldn’t notice it if I looked only at the paparazzi pictures,” Internet users respond in the comments.

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