The newest segment of Jennifer Garner’s Pretend Cooking Show

As we patiently await the October release of @inagarten’s newest cookbook! Quick and Easy Meals! It’s been a while, so I’m listening to some old favorites again, Garner wrote in the video’s description. Please refer to Barefoot Contessa: Family Style for the original, grown-up version of this dish, which was heavily modified years ago to appease my picky children.

The celebrity makes jokes and dances around in her trademark manner from her Pretend Cooking Show. In the midst of making meatballs, Garner makes fun of herself by pointing out the discrepancies in size.

She chose a striped tee with white high-waisted jeans, which she admits was a bit of a fashion risk given the event’s formality. She says that you should always wear white pants when preparing tomato-based dishes like meatballs and sauce.

When Garner begins preparing the tomato sauce, the film takes an unexpected turn when she notices a spider on her cupboard. She then begins her frantic endeavor to remove the spider from the kitchen without harming it. After a series of near-misses, she successfully releases the spider into the grass outside and goes back to her cooking.

Even though she makes her own fresh pasta, she doesn’t mention the methods for making it in the published recipe for this home-cooked dish. Garner demonstrates to the audience how she prepares her pasta dough, how she chills it for thirty minutes, and how she uses her KitchenAid mixer and various noodle attachments to make the spaghetti.

During the preparation of another one of Garten’s recipes, namely her beef bourguignon recipe, Garten admitted that she “nearly set the kitchen on fire.” To our good fortune, the recipe for the meatballs did not result in an accident of a similar nature. However, despite the fact that not all of Garner’s dishes are a smashing success, she never loses her upbeat demeanor.

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