The One Broadway Show Adele Would Consider For Her EGOT

Adele is not expecting to be nominated for a Tony Award anytime soon, which would cement her position as a member of the elite group of individuals who have achieved the EGOT. But, never say never, as she puts it.

The current Emmy, Oscar, and Grammy Award winner revealed her secret musical career ambition during a fan event celebrating her recent music video for I Drink Wine, as published by Broadway World.

Falsehood alert: Adele is not a huge Broadway fan. Yeah, I get it. To be clear, I’m referring to musicals; I’ve been to a few plays, but I need to see more live theater to make an informed judgment.

When it comes to Arthur Laurents’ Gypsy, though, Adele watched a production and was moved by the song “Rose’s Turn.” The mother character was one of my favorites. She’s envious of her kid and is completely wrapped up in the idea that she got to do all of these things because of her, and she even wrote a song about it. For a while, I was able to nail her as a superficial bitch.

Adele’s residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace on weekends with Adele will begin in November and last through March 2023. Since she had to delay the production earlier this year, she is now getting it started, but she has stated that she has thought about making changes so that she might win a Tony Award with it.

I don’t want to do that because I haven’t seen enough [of Broadway] as an adult. Should I take the play from Las Vegas to Broadway and expect to be nominated for a Tony? Adele stated, “I actually prefer the sound of an EGO than an EGOT,” which was received with laughter from the crowd. Having a healthy ego can be entertaining. On the other hand, one should always consider the possibility of something. If I ever relocate to New York and am bored, you can bet I’ll be performing on that stage.

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