The Prenup Teresa Giudice Almost Signed Before She Even Knew Luis Ruelas

When it comes to the most dramatic “Real Housewives” couples, Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice top the list. After announcing their separation in 2019, the two kept quiet about their tumultuous marriage, which included fraud charges, cheating allegations, and prison sentences. However, in a recent episode of Teresa’s podcast Namaste B$tches, the reality TV star opened up about her marriage to Joe and his “joke” idea to have her sign a prenup. “The whole prenup thing … that story is out there with my ex that he made me sign a prenup … like that’s such a joke for him to make me sign a prenup,” she stated. “I really wanted to call off my wedding a week before my wedding.” Teresa also added that she opened up about the prenup to her kids due to the topic making the news headlines.

While her first marriage featured a surprise prenup bombshell, the cookbook author had nothing but good things to say about her current marriage to Luis Ruelas. ”When Luis didn’t ask me to do that, I was just like ‘Wow, he really does love me,'” she explained. “But he also showed my daughters, that was really eye-opening to my daughters, that he didn’t do that to me.” Teresa’s latest podcast episode comes a few months after she and Luis tied the knot in a lavish affair at the Park Chateau Estate & Gardens in New Jersey, per People.

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