The Reaction Of An Excluded Laurence Fishburne To Matrix 4

After not being asked to return for the fourth edition of the Matrix trilogy, Laurence Fishburne is now giving his opinion on the most recent film in the series.

Fishburne, 61, was interviewed by Variety on Tuesday at the screening of Netflix’s The School for Good and Evil. He stated he felt like he could have done better by skipping the latest film in the franchise, The Matrix Resurrections.

When asked if he’d seen the new movie, the actor applauded the performances of returning stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, stating that he believed both of them did a great job with what they were given to do in the movie.

Fishburne also stated that the movie that aired in December of the previous year was not as terrible as I had anticipated.

He confessed that despite his high expectations, the outcome fell short of his expectations. Fishburne, who portrayed Morpheus in the original trilogy alongside Reeves, 58, and Moss, 55, earlier stated in an interview with New York Magazine that he had “not been asked” to reprise his role as Morpheus. Reeves, 58, and Moss, 55, were the other actors in the series.

According to what he shared with the newspaper in August 2020, I have yet to be invited. This will inspire me to write another play. I hope everything works out for them. I am praying that it turns out wonderfully.

Fishburne admitted that his part as Morpheus is his most well-known act, adding, “It is the part that I’ll be fondly known for, which is great; it is not the only one that I’ll be known for, which is fantastic.”

Having him is like having Darth Vader in one hand and Obi-Wan in the other, he explained. I’ve got kung fu, I’ve got Muhammad Ali thrown in there somewhere, and I’ve got Bruce Lee to boot.

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