The Realization That Matthew Perry Wasn’t Impotent Came To Him Courtesy Of Tricia Fisher

Before Carrie Fisher’s half-sister, Tricia Fisher disproved his theory, Matthew Perry had been under the impression that his penis was inactive for many years.
The former cast member of Friends revealed in his memoir, Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing, how he attempted to have sex when he was a teenager but could not perform because he drank six beers before the encounter.
Instead of establishing the connection between the alcohol and [his] private parts, the now-53-year-old actor believed that he had lost his ability to have sexual relations.
According to Perry, who claimed he started drinking alcohol when he was a teenager, he stated, “I was traveling around the earth thinking sex was something for other people.” Since a very long time ago.
It sounds like a lot of fun to have sex, but I didn’t have that option. On the other hand, when the former Mr. Sunshine star began dating Fisher, who is now 53 years old and informed her about his embarrassing story, she comforted him that his arousal difficulties weren’t going to arise again and led [him] back to bed.
Most certainly… He boasted in the book that he basked in glory for a whole two minutes. Perry made a joke about how he compensated the actress for her generosity by sleeping with virtually every woman in Southern California.
In his biography, published on Tuesday, the actor nominated for a Golden Globe discusses many of his relationships, including the breakup he had with Julia Roberts in 1995.
Dating Julia Roberts was too much for me to handle at the time. He explained his decision by saying, “I had always been certain that she was going to break up with me,” which was one of the reasons he ended the relationship.
Perry continued by saying that she was broken, bent, and unlovable and had never been enough; she could never be enough. So I decided to end my relationship with the stunning and talented Julia Roberts so I wouldn’t have to go through the misery of losing her.

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