The Third Trimester Of Kelly Osbourne’s Pregnancy Was Marked By The Discovery That She Had Gestational Diabetes

Kelly Osbourne ‘s doctor discovered that she had gestational diabetes during the third trimester of her pregnancy. Since then, she has shed ten pounds.

In an interview with People published on Thursday, former Osbournes cast member Kelly Osbourne said that when she first observed her quick weight gain, strange exhaustion, and ankle swelling, she immediately assumed that she had done something wrong.

After receiving a diagnosis of the disease, which occurs when a pregnant person’s body cannot create enough insulin, the 37-year-old actress and soon-to-be mother decided to eliminate sugar from her diet.

The former member of Fashion Police admitted to the media outlet, “I wasn’t eating well [before],” adding that her sole want was for sweet drinks at the time.

Osbourne has changed her eating patterns, and as a result, she has shed 10 pounds and cleared her skin. The fact that I haven’t needed to wear compression socks once since I eliminated sugar from my diet is unheard of for someone who is expecting, the former reality star continued. I have more energy. I’m sleeping better.

All I can say is that you won’t understand what it is that it is doing to you until it is taken away, as she went on to remark. Osbourne continued by saying that her pregnancy was the ideal motivation to undertake such a significant life adjustment.

She went on to explain that she has never been able to maintain anything to the same degree that she has been holding this because she is not doing it for herself. I’m doing it for the sake of my child.

Osbourne broke the news to her followers on Instagram in May that she and Sid Wilson are having their first child together, and she expressed how thrilled she was about the information.

During the episode of Red Table Talk that aired on Wednesday, Osbourne told Jada Pinkett Smith and Adrienne Banfield Norris that carrying the little one has been the most difficult, bizarre, craziest experience of her life.

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