The Tragic Death Of Actor Earl Boen

Since the news of Earl Boen’s death, fans of the beloved actor have uploaded tributes to social media. One fan on Twitter wrote: “I didn’t realize he was in ‘Alien Nation,’ which was cool, albeit not nearly as much as the first two ‘Terminator’ films. I remember being amused when he showed up in [‘Terminator 2’]. RIP.” Another person wrote: “What an amazing character actor. Never the star, and yet who doesn’t know that face RIP Earl Boen.”

Throughout his career, Boen has always expressed gratitude for his various film projects, especially regarding the “The Terminator” franchise. When asked about his character’s longevity in the franchise, Boen told The Arnold Fans: “I’m like the cockroach that wouldn’t die. I just keep turning up and showing up.” He added: “Besides [Arnold Schwarzenegger], I’m only one that was in all of the first three Terminator movies. Him and I, we are the only two that can say that.” 

While the franchise only had three entries at the time of the interview, Boen stated that he was open to filming more “Terminator” films in the future. “I’m old now […] but if they called me, I would do it,” he revealed. Rest in power, Earl Boen.

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