The ugliest of the Kardashian sisters?: On Khloe Kardashian’s birthday, together with a psychologist

Despite the fact that Khloe Kardashian has achieved some success both as an actress and as an entrepreneur, she still loses to her sisters in popularity.

And at the mention of the name Kardashian, the name Kim immediately pops up in the minds of most people, while many do not even suspect the existence of Khloe.

If we look to where, in the opinion of many, all the troubles of a person come from, that is, in childhood, we can easily see that it did not go so smoothly.

Today, Chloe is doing her best to promote body positivity and has even released a separate clothing line. The girl regularly posts her hard workouts on the blog, and her special diets are walking around the Web.

She can not do without the help of plastic surgeons. All this shows that the topic of one’s own body is still quite acute for a celebrity, despite the weight shed.

This is probably why the reality star is unable to completely avoid body-shaming.

Another interesting episode from the biography when her older sisters graduated from school, Chloe also stopped visiting her, transferring to homeschooling.

Of course, the reasons for this may be different, but the fact remains that she did not study without relatives. Although, by the way, she graduated from high school with honors.

It is unlikely that the divorce of her parents passed without a trace for the girl; she was then only five years old.

And if before that she was just the youngest of the sisters, then after the new marriage, her mother was exactly in the middle of a series of sisters: 2 older sisters and two younger siblings.

Khloe has become a kind of link between the two halves – not the easiest position in the family.

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