The world learned about the next love affairs of Elon Musk

Which led to the secret birth of children. While fans were discussing the name of Musk’s son XÆA-12, who appeared from the singer Grimes, at this time, the head of his Neuralink company, Siobhan Zilis, also gave birth to two babies.

However, the founder of TeslaX himself does not seem to be at all worried about the endless discussions in the press, hinting at the situation in his new tweet.

“Doing my best to help the overpopulation crisis. The fall in the birth rate is the biggest danger facing civilization,” wrote the billionaire.

“Remember my words; they are, unfortunately, true. I hope you have big families, and congratulations to those who already have them!”

According to court documents, the twins were born in Austin, Texas. They say that in April, Musk and Zilis petitioned the district court to change their children’s names so that they “bear the father’s last name and have the mother’s last name as part of the middle name.”

While the gender and names of the children remain unknown, many fans were surprised by his love affairs on the side during his relationship with grimes.

Although ex-lovers are no strangers to such novels, after all, even after breaking up, their son X Æ A-12 had a sister from a surrogate mother.

The girl was named Y. One thing can be said about a couple of TeslaX founders and singer Grimes: they definitely know how to surprise their fans.

It seemed that only recently we were sad because of the parting of an informal union, but today they shocked fans with unexpected news.

All this time, Musk hasn’t had a new girlfriend, and he once again strengthened his family tree. Now there are even more joyful moments in their wonderful life, as the lovers become parents for the second time!


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