Todd Chrisley Believes His Marriage To Julie Chrisley Was Strengthened Due To Legal Battle

Todd Chrisley is a tv personality and a businessperson. He’s been known to appear in many of his shows and has been extremely entertaining for fans to watch over the years. Julie Chrisley is his wife and is also known to appear on many shows. She’s achieved a lot in her life and her fans have been loyal to her for a very long time.

Todd and Julie Chrisley have been married for 26 years and their love keeps on blooming. Recently, they were charged with tax fraud and had to go through a whole legal battle. They maintained their innocent throughout their trial.

The star said that despite the hard times they had gone through, their marriage had only gotten stronger due to the incident. He also spoke about how the trial had generally impacted their marriage and how they were working through it together.

When asked about his marriage to her, Todd claimed that he stayed with Julie because he didn’t see a life with anyone else. He also said that his children had nothing to do with the two of them staying together. He said “You can have glue that you’re stuck together because of children or you’re stuck together because it’s routine or whatever.’ I think that we are stuck together. I know from my perspective, that I’m stuck to her for life because I want to be — not because it’s routine, not because it’s a habit, and not because we have children.”

The two had been convicted of all 12 counts of bank and wire fraud, conspiracy, and wire fraud. They had denied all claims until they were found guilty. The couple has now been told to stay in their home until their sentencing which is on October 6 in Atlanta. The couple was released on bail under some conditions which included spending limits, location monitoring, home detention, and rules.

Todd mentioned that they were struggling but he was thankful that he had his wife to help him get through this terrible situation. He also mentioned that she had come close to accepting everything that had happened and was a much better person now.

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