Tom Brady Feared That A Divorce Would Send The Wrong Message To His Children

Even though Tom Brady did not want his marriage with Gisele Bündchen to end, he did not make the necessary effort to save the relationship. According to an article in People Magazine, the NFL player, who is 45 years old, was willing to do everything it took to make things work between him and his wife before they filed for divorce and finalized it on Friday.

After their 13-year marriage, Brady reportedly sought to patch things up because he “didn’t want the kids to have divorced parents,” according to sources quoted by the publication.

According to reports, the quarterback was willing to do anything needed to make things work, even going to therapy or marriage counseling. However, Bündchen, 42 years old, thought it was too little, too late to make a difference.

They proceeded by saying that she gave him a lot of opportunities to mend things, but he didn’t take advantage of any of them. They also mentioned that while Brady was pursuing his passion, the supermodel was left to raise their children alone.

According to the insider, Tom did not develop the concept for the breakup on his own. Likewise, Tom did not come up with this on his own. When the ex-Secret Victoria’s model requested him on multiple occasions to be more present with their children, he felt like he wasn’t hearing what she was saying because he thought she was talking to someone else.

Amid their dramatic battle, back in September, Bündchen gave an interview to Elle magazine in which she expressed her reservations regarding Brady’s violent profession.

The model stated to the publication that she has undoubtedly had those chats with him about wanting him to retire. Still, she also mentioned that everybody has to make a decision suitable for [them]. He must pursue what brings him joy.

But not long after that, Bündchen reportedly had a change of heart and threatened to cancel her marriage to the sportsman after she issued him a challenge and presented him with a request.

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