Tom Brady’s Upcoming Divorce From Gisele Bündchen Has Him In A State Of Deep Sadness

According to a source close to the NFL athlete, he is grieving after learning that his estranged wife, Gisele Bündchen, has been consulting with a divorce attorney for weeks.

The insider told People on Thursday that he is “distraught” by her actions. While Brady remains optimistic about a settlement, the supermodel appears to be ready for a new beginning.

The 45-year-old model was seen on Thursday working with a holistic woman to “spiritually cleanse” her vehicle, a practice that removes any bad vibes.

The ex-Secret Victoria’s model was snapped without her wedding band while using a smudge stick to purify the air around her automobile.

Even though Page Six reported that Bündchen and Brady, who have been married for 13 years, had separately retained their divorce counsel, the couple’s therapeutic experience happened shortly after the news broke.

Those that left probably won’t be returning. Instead, we’re told that they’ve each retained legal counsel to investigate the potential consequences of a divorce, including who gets what and how much money will change hands.

After an intense argument about Brady’s choice to come out of retirement from the NFL, their relationship has been strained for a while now.

Some insiders say it’s sexist to attribute the couple’s problems to Brady’s work, while others say that, as in most relationships, there’s more than one factor at play. Nevertheless, Gisele has made it plain that she has concerns about Tom playing football and has discussed these concerns with him numerous times.

The supermodel has voiced her fear over Brady’s NFL future in light of their marital problems. She told Elle magazine last month, “This is a pretty brutal sport, and I have my children, and I would like him to be more present.” She went on to say that she has had such discussions with him repeatedly.

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