Tom Cruise Stares At Kate Middleton At Wimbledon

40-year-old Kate Middleton and 60-year-old Tom Cruise met at the women’s final of Wimbledon. The Hollywood actor did not take his eyes off the prince’s wife.

Ex-husband Nicole Kidman sat just two rows above the Duchess of Cambridge. Tom often looked at Katherine throughout the tennis match.

The mother of many children appeared in an elegant way at the event. She put on a fitted dress on the floor of a rich sunny shade. Kate traditionally smiled broadly while the fight for victory unfolded on the court.

Cruz himself was clearly enjoying the event: he readily greeted acquaintances and even said hello to fans.

After the victory of a native of Moscow, who played for Kazakhstan, loud discussions of this sensation began on the Web.

However, in addition to the triumph of Elena Rybakina, the British paid a lot of attention to the behavior of Tom Cruise.

“Yes, he just frankly undresses her with his eyes! Well, Tom, you need to be careful”, “I think he fell in love with the Duchess,” “Wow, he almost drools over her,” “It seems that the meeting at the premiere of the film greatly impressed Tom. Bad news, dear: you have no chance,” write bloggers on the Web.

Elena Rybakina, 23, became the first Central Asian to win a Grand Slam tournament. The girl was born in Moscow, but since 2018 she has been playing in tournaments for Kazakhstan.

A 27-year-old tennis player from Tunisia, Ons Jaber, did not hold back her emotions after losing in the final of the most prestigious tournament. Nevertheless, the athlete admitted that Elena Rybakina deservedly won.

Rybakina became the first Central Asian to win a Grand Slam in singles. The award – “a dish of Venus Rosewater” was presented to the champion by Kate Middleton.

The 23-year-old native of Moscow will receive €2.36 million for winning Wimbledon. The prize fund of the tournament was about € 47.6 million.

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