Tom Holland’s father Dominic Holland found a way to besiege his son

In 2016, Tom Holland became widely known throughout the world, becoming the star of the so-called A-list. However, the father of beloved Zendeya, despite the multi-million dollar contracts that his son signed with Marvel, does not seem to believe that the young man is really a talented actor.

Tom Holland may be the A-list star of his Spider-Man fame, but his father is still working to bring him back to earth.

That’s what Tom’s comedian father, Dominic Holland, says when he says to me: ‘I think 99% of celebrities are completely interchangeable. I miss Tom so much! ‘

He says he still talks to Tom three times a week and has written a book about his son’s success.

This became known after Dominic Holland released his autobiographical book Eclipse. “I believe that 99 percent of celebrities are completely interchangeable. And very often, I remind Tom of this!” he said as if hinting that there was nothing special about his son.

According to the elder Holland, the memoir will focus on his life during the period when Tom became famous. Despite the fact that the man communicates with his son at least three times a week, Spider-Man fans are convinced that the actor is extremely difficult with such a parent.

“I would go crazy if my father called me three times a week to tell me how easy it is to replace me,” “Irreplaceable does not exist, but the same people too,” “Maximum toxic man. Poor Tom,” celebrity fans reacted.

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