Tracee Ellis Ross Has Spoken Up About Marriage And Her Expectations As She Nears Her 50th Birthday

Not all celebrities are in a rush to get married. While love is in the air these days, some celebrities are enjoying their single life and waiting for the right person. In a recent interview, Tracee spoke about her plans after her 50 th birthday and how she hopes things would turn out.

Tracee is one of the most loved stars and is best known for her acting on the popular show “Black-ish”. In the interview, Tracee did speak up about her upcoming birthday and joked that she did not look a day over 50. She joked that she looked very ageless and looked pretty good for how old she was. When asked for tips to stay as young and fresh as her, she told the interviewer to drink lots of water and to keep laughing in life.

Tracee also spoke about the things that she wants to do with her life now. The star seems to have a lot of plans for her future. She admitted to being unsure of where life will take her however, she has said that she’s hoping she will accomplish everything she wishes for.

Tracee said, “I mean, I would love to get married, I’d love to write a book, I’d love to do an action movie, I’d love to keep doing movies.” The star has a lot of hopes and dreams but the world was surprised to hear that marriage was also one of the things she hoped to accomplish.

When asked if she had anyone in mind for marriage, Tracee simply said that she was choosing to wait for the right person. She said, “Who knows? I don’t know, yeah, one day. I’ll wait for the right person, somebody’s going to make my life better.”

Although the gesture and conversation were small, it got fans excited about the future of their favorite actress. Fans are impatiently waiting for Tracee to find her happiness someplace and be at her happiest.

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