Trevor Noah Has Defended Himself After Receiving Backlash Over Comments About Rishi Sunak Becoming The New Britain Prime Minister

Trevor Noah is under heat again after making comments about the backlash that Rishi Sunak received after becoming the new Britain Prime Minister. The news of Rishi Sunak becoming the new prime minister has been received well by most people however it seems that Trevor Noah believes people have been racist towards him.

In the famous show, The Daily Show, Trevor Noah spoke up about how Rishi has faced backlash with people saying things like “Now the Indians are going to take over Great Britain.” Many people refuted this claim which included Piers Morgan who said that there had been no backlash against Sunak and that the media was falsely portraying Britain as a racist country.

In the monologue where he made the comments, Trevor said, “Watching the story of Rishi Sunak becoming England’s first prime minister of color, of Indian descent, of all these things and then seeing the backlash is one of the more telling things about how people view the role that they or their people have played in history. And what I mean by that is this, you hear a lot of the people saying ‘Oh, they’re taking over, now the Indians are going to take over Great Britain, and what’s next?”

Trevor also said, “Why are you so afraid? And I think it’s because the quiet part a lot of people don’t realize they are saying is ‘We don’t want these people who were previously oppressed to get into power because then they may do to us what we did to them.”

However, after the backlash for his comments, Trevor said, “I wasn’t saying ‘The entire UK is racist, I was responding to the racists who don’t want Rishi as PM because of his race. That’s why I said. ‘Some people.”

His remarks have also been addressed by former chancellor Sajid Javed who said, “Simply wrong. A narrative catered to his audience, at a cost of being completely detached from reality. Britain is the most successful multiracial democracy on earth and proud of this historic achievement.” Those on social media have also spoken up about his remarks.

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