Victoria Beckham in a lace mini became the star of the show Jacquemus

The long-awaited presentation of the new Jacquemus collection took place in the French city of Arles, which was attended by many stars.

Victoria Beckham also came to look at the clothing line and the collaboration with Nike. The wife of a famous athlete chose an outfit that simply could not go unnoticed.

Victoria arrived at the Le Papier show in a luxurious black lace mini, complementing it with a cropped blazer and matching stocking boots.

The celebrity did not forget about sunglasses. In the hands of Beckham was a clutch with gold trim.

She, by the way, proudly posed next to Simon Port Jacquemus, who looked relaxed, wearing a T-shirt with a shirt and cargo pants.

Internet users could not help but pay attention to the graceful figure of a mother of many children.

In the comments, they spoke enthusiastically about Victoria’s slender legs. “She just can’t wear black; she looks too thin anyway,” “Victoria is just wonderful,” “Victoria and Simon are two legends,” admiring celebrity fans respond.

Guests accompanied the fashion designer, including French actor Vincent Cassell, 55, and especially his younger wife – 25-year-old actress Tina Kanakey.

Tina looked sensational as she and her husband Vincent wore a backless sheer black dress with cutout details.

She stood next to her actor husband, who chose casual clothing, a white shirt that he left open at the collar and a pair of blue denim jeans.

Vincent was seen approaching Tina as he posed on a white salt flat against the blue sky without clouds in the sunny south of France.

Tina’s halter dress left her bare arms and shoulders exposed to the hot afternoon air.

The dress had a tassel detail hanging on the skirt.

Recall that recently Beckham has noticeably changed. Previously, she chose rather strict and stylish costumes, but now she increasingly prefers more spicy and revealing outfits. However, in the heat, we would not recommend wearing this.


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