Viola Davis Explains The Struggles Of Being A Black Actress In The Film Industry; Says Black Actors Deserve Recognition

Celebrities can put their heart and soul into the performances they give, whether it’s musical or acting. All celebrities deserve to be recognized for their talents and what they contribute to the film industry. While many changes have been made, it seems Viola Davis still sees some struggle for black people in getting the recognition they deserve.

Viola Davis has put in many years of work to gain the applause she currently has. In a recent interview, she opened up about the struggles she and many others like her had to face. In the interview, she stated, “There are no words to describe the journey, the sweat, the blood, the war, that is being a Black artist and being a Black female artist.”

Viola Davis has mentioned before that the new upcoming film “The Woman King” nearly took a decade to bring to life. The film features Viola as the leader of the historical female warriors in Africa, the Dahomey Kingdom. Convincing a studio to bring the film to life was a very big challenge as it broke all of the pre-existing barriers of society.

Viola Davis has admitted that knowing that black people struggle has always been difficult for her. She said, “If people understood what goes on in the room, what goes on in the studio, what goes on in a heart, what freaking dies in us at times.” She said that she believed black people shouldn’t have to ask to be recognized in the industry and they should be given the same respect as their fellow white actors.

She mentioned that if people knew of the struggles that black people had while trying to make it in the entertainment industry, there would be more support.

She also mentions feeling a certain type of jealousy or envy from those that had everything wonderful from the beginning. She said, “whatever little jealousies, which is very human because that’s what it is, it’s jealousy. It’s envy. It’s ‘I want to be there.’ It’s that basic human instinct to take someone down because I need to be better than you to feel some other importance. That is secondary to elevating the ultimate goal, which is us being seen.”

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