What Life Is Like For Farrah Fawcett’s Troubled Son Redmond O’Neal Today

The genetic odds were stacked against Redmond O’Neal before he was even born. His dad, Ryan O’Neal, abused drugs for decades and passed his addiction on to all three of his kids. Redmond’s brother, Griffin O’Neal, told Larry King that their father introduced Redmond to drugs, and the two regularly partied together. “My dad just let him do whatever he wanted to do, supplied him with cash for his drugs, supplied him with everything,” he said.

People noted that Redmond’s first rehab stint was in 2004 when the teen sought treatment for heroin addiction. In 2008, he pled guilty to drug possession and misdemeanor DUI. Redmond was arrested for drug possession again just months later — along with his dad. In 2009, he was nabbed for possession and “bringing narcotics into a jail facility.” Redmond then checked into rehab but was promptly kicked out after drugs were found in his room and his system. In 2010, he completed a drug-court program and vowed to turn his life around. “My plan is to move forward with my life, clean and sober,” Redmond said, though it didn’t take long before he was back to his old habits.

The Sun reports that in 2015, Redmond was sentenced to three years following a slew of probation violations. In 2018 he was charged with allegedly robbing a 7-Eleven at knifepoint and possessing drugs. Redmond also faced charges of attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, brandishing a knife, and battery after “he randomly attacked five men, seriously injuring at least two.”

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