When It Comes To Summertime TikTok Dances, Jessica Alba And Her 11-Year-Old Daughter Haven Are A Perfect Match

Alba posted a flashback video to Instagram on Tuesday in which she and her 11-year-old daughter, Haven Garner, can be seen dancing in sync to the music of the TikTok dance challenge.

She posted the clip, “From the summer archives, thanks @realadamrose for the dance inspo!” Alba and Haven’s dance attire consists of pink tank tops and white bottoms. Her daughter dances to the funny song while Alba chews gum.

Alba and Warren have two children together, a daughter named Honor Marie, 14, and a son named Hayes Alba, 4 and a half. The Good Luck Chuck star published an Instagram post earlier this month showing her daughter’s first week at school.

‘My sweet, smart, silly, cute (not so baby) kids started middle school and high school this week,’ Alba wrote a trio of images of her daughters. While Haven chose a black cropped polo shirt with high-waisted denim shorts and black and grey sneakers, Honor opted for a loose-fitting striped t-shirt and denim shorts with white sneakers.

The actress opened up about how therapy has helped her connection with both of her daughters in an interview published in the digital July/August issue of Glamour UK. According to Alba, their therapist is able to maintain a neutral stance and facilitate an environment where children feel comfortable discussing the ways in which they feel their parents may improve.

And I said, “Hey, see, I’m not perfect. As much as I’d like to be a fantastic parent to you, I know I won’t have all the answers. And your preferences, both in terms of what you enjoy and what you don’t, differ from those of your sibling. And I’m going to mess up, she remembered telling her daughters. Let me know what I’m doing bad or what you’d like me to change and you won’t be punished here.

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