Where We Started Music Video Features Katy Perry And Thomas Rhett’s Reflective Look Back At Their Individual Journeys

Once again teaming up, Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry have released a music video for the ethereal track they collaborated on, titled “Where We Started.”

According to comments made by Thomas Rhett, 32, in a press statement issued on Tuesday, collaborating with Katy has been a very cooperative endeavor. Her contribution has elevated every aspect of this endeavor for me, from recording the song in the studio to singing it on American Idol to making this music video. I will always be grateful to her.

Perry, 37 years old, said she enjoyed the opportunity to “create a dreamlike universe” for the song “Where We Started,” which hearkens back to the singer-songwriter roots from which she sprang.

In the music video, Patrick Tracy directed, Thomas Rhett, is shown to be in an empty room with a blue backdrop, whereas Perry is surrounded by pink. After some time, the musicians begin to stroll through the draped sheets and inevitably find each other in the center of the space.

Keep your eyes on me because the conversation is cheap; they chant to one another, “we’re all we need, yeah.” Look at that road and remember where we were when we first started. Darling, I already know how far we’re going to travel.

The country singer released her sixth studio album in April, and the title tune “Where We Started” functioned as the title track for the album. In January, he gave an interview to PEOPLE in which he discussed the making of the record and the opportunity to collaborate with the singer from Dark Horse.

When asked about the song that would later turn out to be the album’s title track, he stated, “I don’t think we were seeking a duet on this song.” Then, Allison Jones, who worked for the record company, asked, “Do you mind if I send this to Katy Perry’s team?” he explained. And I said, Yeah, but they won’t answer, but you can still submit it.

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