While On Holiday, Heidi Klum Danced In A Skimpy Swimsuit

In honor of her “hot girl summer,” the former Victoria’s Secret model hasn’t been shy about sharing sensual photos from the vacation on social media. For their anniversary, Klum and Kaulitz are presently relaxing in St. Barts and frequently posting PDAs to social media.

Heidi Klum, her husband Tom Kaulitz , and Bill Kaulitz, Tom’s twin brother, are currently relaxing in St. Barth, where they celebrated their third wedding anniversary. The model frequently posts adorable pictures and videos from the vacation, much to the joy of followers.

The 49-year-old supermodel can be seen in the most recent video dancing to Gene Kelly’s Good Morning while wearing a tiny animal-print bikini, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed bucket hat. Later, Klum shared a selfie with reckless wet curls and no makeup.

She added the phrase “The sun is out” to a close-up photo of her Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses. The former Victoria’s Secret model is in excellent shape, so she isn’t shy about sharing even the spiciest photos from her travels and letting everyone know how her summer is going.

Recall that just a year after they began dating, in February 2019, Heidi and Tom secretly wed. Later, relatives and friends gathered aboard a yacht in Italy for the couple’s lavish wedding.

Just one year after they first started dating, the couple got married in a private ceremony in February 2019. Later, they hosted a grander wedding with relatives and friends on a yacht in Italy.

The Kaulitzes recently spent a sensual date night out on the town, showing signs of being more in love than ever.
Klum tweeted a cute video of the couple gently dancing by the pool and wrote, “

As long as it is you and I feeling like the happiest person in the world.” This shows that the couple is still very much in the honeymoon phase.

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