While playing polo, Prince Harry tumbled off his horse

Prince Harry survived a fall from a horse while playing polo in California with his celebrity friends. This is reported by the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred the day before, June 12, at a polo club in Santa Barbara, where Prince Harry played in the Los Padres team.

It is noted that the team eventually lost with a score of 12-11, but in the photographs taken by the paparazzi, the Duke of Sussex does not look distressed – it is clear that he is having a great time with his friends, American singer Katherine McPhee, her husband, composer David Foster and their son Rennie.

On Friday, June 10, Prince Harry made his first public appearance since he returned on June 5 with his family from the UK, which he left before the end of the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II.

Then he also came to the polo club, and his team lost to the opponent with a score of 12-8. His wife, Meghan Markle, was not present at the game.

It was previously reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spent “formal” 15 minutes with Elizabeth II during the Platinum Jubilee. In previous, A military parade, a service at St. Paul’s Cathedral, a concert near Buckingham Palace, the Epsom Derby, and funny photos of Prince Louis – the royal family celebrated the Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II.

While members of the royal family participated in official events, the British organized dinners in honor of Her Majesty and rowdy in the streets.

About how they had fun in the United Kingdom for four days. On the same day as the Trooping the Color parade, the Queen held a ceremony to light the commemorative lighthouse.

Elizabeth II touched the symbolic globe of the Commonwealth nations, mounted it on a pedestal, and lit a chain of lights that led to the main lighthouse – the Tree of Trees sculpture, symbolizing a million trees planted in the jubilee year.

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