While Staying At Robert Downey Jr.’s House, Armie Hammer Has Been Spending Quality Time With His Loved Ones And Close Pals

Armie Hammer continues to receive significant support from Robert Downey Jr. despite his continuing controversy, Page Six has learned.

According to Vanity Fair, Downey, 57, paid for Hammer’s stay in a Florida recovery facility last year. According to current information, Hammer has been living in one of Downey Jr.’s “spare residences.” Actor 36 of “Call Me By Your Name” has been seen in and around Venice, California.

The source stated, “He’s sober and has been having a lot of fun with excellent friends and with his kids.” Regarding Hammer’s whereabouts and the part that Downey Jr., a recovered addict, plays in his life as he works to clear his record, representatives for the actors have not responded to us.

The new docu-series “House of Hammer,” about the scandal surrounding the disgraced star and the unsolved mysteries surrounding his family dynasty, had its premiere on Friday on Discovery Plus. Armie is the great-grandson of the late oil mogul Armand Hammer, a deceased billionaire.

Page Six verified. The LAPD is looking into Armie after the filmmakers informed us that a prosecutor in Los Angeles has been “specially assigned” to check into rape allegations made by an ex-girlfriend named Effie.

She said that he had viciously assaulted her for four hours in LA in 2017 and that she believed he was going to murder her.

Hammer has refuted all of the accusations and stated that the alleged victims’ sex was consensual. A specially appointed prosecutor is collaborating with police enforcement while they carry out their investigation, according to a representative for the LA County district attorney’s office.

Casey Hammer, Hammer’s 61-year-old estranged aunt, provided advice on the film and is heavily featured. She stated that her goal is to “help develop a community and let them feel protected” and that she believes the victims. Hammer hasn’t publicly responded to the documentary, but sources say he’s planning a comeback.



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