Who Is Daisy May Reynolds, Anyway? Fans Believe That Taylor Swift’s Album Midnights Contains The Name Of Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively’s Unborn Child

Many of Taylor Swift’s followers are under the impression that the singer divulged the name that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds plan to give their fourth child on her album featuring Midnights.

She sang those lyrics in the song “You’re On Your Own, Kid,” which went as follows: “I picked the petals, he loves me not; I saw the grand escape, so long, Daisy May.” While writing in my room, something new began to grow, and now I perform my songs in the car park.

Swift fans were whipped into a frenzy when they began associating the identity of the woman listed in the song with the celebrity couple, even though it is unknown who the woman in question is.

One user on Twitter asked, “Do we assume daisy mae is blake lively and Ryan Reynolds 4th child?” another user on Twitter echoed this question. Daisy is the one name that keeps popping up for me on this brand-new album…

Is this the name of @VancityReynolds and @blakelively’s new baby? Another user commented with the hashtag #callingitnow and a gif of the Grammy-winning singer shrugging.

Since they became friends in 2015, Swift has mentioned all three of Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ girls by name on her album Folklore and even used a voice track of the couple’s eldest daughter for their 2017 song Gorgeous. Lively and Reynolds, who have three children together named James, Inez, and Betty, have expressed no animosity for being mentioned in Swift’s songs.

The names are the names that we have given to our children. We have the utmost confidence in her. She has a high level of sensitivity to anything of the sort. And it should go without saying that the song has no relevance to our children besides the fact that it contains their names. In a 2021 interview on SiriusXM, Reynolds expressed, “but I mean, what an honor that is.”

It was incredible. We still do. I still can’t believe it happened while walking down the street, and it’s been a while.

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