Who Is Olivia Newton-John’s Daughter Married To?

James Driskill, Chloe Lattanzi’s spouse, is passionate about his work in the field of martial arts. As stated on his Facebook page, Driskill is originally from Texas and now resides in California. He was previously a cannabis grower and a cultivation specialist, and he is currently a martial arts teacher who has earned a third-degree black belt. In September 2022, Driskill celebrated the success of one of his pupils via Instagram. “Congrats to my friend and student @rocksonsalgado for earning his black belt last night,” Driskill wrote. “Thank you @originalsjiujitsuacademy for having me out for the seminar and it was awesome to see everyone who came.”

Also in September 2022, Driskill was shown in a social media post instructing students on jiu-jitsu at Dynamix MMA, a California martial arts school. “Thank you @jamesdriskill for leading our noon Jiu Jitsu class today!” the Dynamix MMA account wrote. Aside from his work, Driskill takes time out to have fun with Lattanzi. In March 2023, Driskill shared a video on Instagram of himself playing a punching bag game while visiting an arcade with Lattanzi. In response, Lattanzi commented, “Dats my maaaaayyyynnnn.” The two additionally experienced positive moments with Lattanzi’s mother, Olivia Newton-John, prior to her saddening death.

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