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The Bachelor finale kicked off with Zach Shallcross down to his final two women, Kaity Biggar and Gabi Elnicki. Both women were questioning things after fantasy suite week. Gabi was worried that Zach regretted sleeping with her in the fantasy suite since he originally wanted a “no sex” rule. Katy was concerned that Zach hadn’t used the “L” word with her yet, fearing that he didn’t want a future with her if he hadn’t used the word “love” yet.

Before getting to the episode, we caught up with Ariel Frenkel, who was eliminated after the fantasy suites. She praised Zach for making her feel comfortable throughout the experience, but admitted that the breakup didn’t hit her until she was in the car on the way home. Ariel was admittedly on the same page as Zach about the “no sex” rule, but said she wished they discussed that as a couple beforehand. Plus, she didn’t find out about Zach breaking his rule until she watched the episode. She said she was very hurt to find out on TV that Zach ended up being intimate with Gabi, then sharing that with Kaity, but not her. “I was really disappointed in the whole way the week was handled,” Ariel said.

zach shalllcross
Zach on ‘The Bachelor’ finale. (ABC)

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