Why does everyone love funny photos of Kate Middleton and naughty Prince Louis so much

The baby of the Dukes of Cambridge became the star of the celebration of the platinum anniversary of Elizabeth II.

Prince Louis is only four years old, and he has already outshone his 96-year-old crowned great-grandmother at a celebration in her honor. This is because, due to his age, he is not obliged to observe court etiquette and behaves like an ordinary boy who does not want to “behave properly,” even if his mother-duchess asks for it.

Louis distinguished himself with mischievous faces from the first day of the Royal weekend in the British capital. Watching with his family from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, the flight of fighters lining up in the number 70 according to the number of years Her Majesty has been on the throne, the prince grimaced, pretending that the loud roar of the aircraft deafened him.

On Friday and Saturday, the children of Kate and William rested from secular duties, and on Sunday, they again had to join their parents for the final celebrations.

During the final performance of the holiday, Prince Louis had a fine hour: he got bored of sitting next to his mother, watching what was happening, and he became naughty in front of the public and reporters.

Kate tried to calm the baby, but he covered his mother’s mouth with his hand and then completely dispersed, showing her his tongue and “nose,” not wanting to obey her instructions.

The pictures spread all over the Web, causing a whole wave of tenderness and sympathy from mothers, especially parents of four-year-old boys.

Some noted that this is a difficult age when babies try to express themselves, ignoring any prohibitions, and many moms on the forum of the site popular among parents, mumsnet.com, noted that they would not want to be in the place of the Duchess of Cambridge, calming down an overexcited four-year-old in front of a huge audience mood.

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