Why Thandiwe Newton Didn’t Like Kissing Tom Cruise

In the “Mission: Impossible” franchise, Tom Cruise performs stunts that save the world and even the one he loves. Thandiwe Newton was Cruise’s love interest in “Mission: Impossible 2.” And although the actors had intense on-screen chemistry that resulted in a smooch between the two, this didn’t relate off-screen. Newton evidently didn’t feel comfortable around Cruise (via Vulture), and she’s since revealed details about how the kiss between her and her famous co-star “was slightly icky and sort of wet” (via The Things). 

Newton also explained how uncomfortable it can be when shooting romantic scenes. She told The Guardian, “Well, to take away the mystery and magic of what you see in the movie: you’re lying there, you’ve got 30 people around you, prodding all bits of you to make sure that certain things aren’t being seen and others look good.” Furthermore, Newton explained there is so much analytical thinking in the process that it makes the scene difficult. She told The Guardian, “Even when you’re kissing, you can’t kiss too hard because then your face sort of spreads across the other person, and it looks terrible.” For the actor, there is too much thought going into that nothing about it is natural.

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