Winona Ryder about the relationship with her boyfriend

50-year-old Winona Ryder spoke frankly about the relationship with 51-year-old Scott Mackinlay Hahn.

The American actress rarely talks about her lover despite the fact that they have been together for 11 years.

The Stranger Things star feels like Scott is her soul mate. But despite the closeness, she is in no hurry to marry him.
“They don’t talk about the wedding and children; they just feel good together.

They enjoy what they have and are happy with it,” said an insider close to the couple.

Winona admitted that after many years she found herself in Scott and called him a real gentleman. Happiness loves silence – this is about them.

Ryder and McKinley rarely go out together. They last appeared at the premiere of the final season of Stranger Things in Los Angeles.

“I love hiding from the paparazzi and being discreet in public. Everything that happens between us, only we know. I can only say that I am madly in love and feel very young!” — said the actress.

They often spend time near San Francisco, although Winona has to travel to Los Angeles frequently because of her work. “Sometimes, she takes Scott with her.

Winona’s friends and colleagues love him very much because he is a calm and interesting person,” an insider confirmed to UsWeekly.

Ryder is known for her flamboyant novels. In the early 90s, the actress was engaged to Johnny Depp, then met with David Duchovny and Matt Damon.

But I met Scott, and now I am absolutely happy.

Winona decided for herself that it would be better never to marry than to be divorced several times. Unfortunately, she has an example before her eyes: the parents of the actress have been together for 45 years, so the standards of the star are very high.

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