With The Release Of Blonde On Netflix, Courtney Stodden Is Hoping Marilyn Monroe Lovers Will Avoid It

Courtney Stodden adds her voice to those criticizing Blonde for its representation of Marilyn Monroe . The Boy Destroyer singer, 28, who is non-binary and only uses they/she pronouns, told Page Six at the Los Angeles premiere of Drag: The Musical on Thursday night that they would not be watching the show.

They went on to say, “As someone who knows what it’s like to be sexually exploited and then have people turn you into fun when you’re not a joke,” they find it disrespectful to delve into that topic.

On Wednesday, Andrew Dominik’s film featuring Ana de Armas as Monroe premiered on Netflix, and it quickly rose to the top of the site’s movie list.

However, viewers of the NC-17 drama are outraged by what they see as “cruel” and “soaked in misogyny” depictions of women in the show.

The New York Times film reviewer Manohla Dargis raged in her review that it was a pleasure that Marilyn Monroe didn’t have to go through the obscenities of Blonde, the latest necrophiliac amusement to abuse her.

The novel by Joyce Carol Oates, on which the film Blonde is based, is a fictional account of Monroe’s life, detailing the trauma she suffered as a kid and the sexual assault she suffered before her early demise on August 4, 1962.

Since it doesn’t accurately portray Marilyn Monroe or her life, people should avoid watching it. Stodden informed Page Six that it was dramatized to make her into someone she wasn’t.

She has always felt that she portrayed in the media is not the person she is. So stop watching it right now!

The Monroe follower then referred back to Cara Crocker’s 2007 call to cease the social censure of Britney Spears, saying, “As she said, Leave Britney alone!” Our moment has come to demand that Marilyn be left alone.

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