10 Influencer Marketing platforms you need to be on in 2021

Looking to widen your influencer network? We have listed 10 of the best influencer marketing platforms to leverage for your brand.

With most of the brands shifting to digital, influencer marketing is in trend more than ever now. The industry has grown so quickly that currently, there are millions of influencers in the world with expertise in different genres. If you are an influencer or are looking to work with one, you need to be looking into the right influencer marketing platforms.

With such a huge number of influencers, it can be overwhelming for the brands and agencies to shortlist the best ones as per their marketing vision. To solve this problem, people and firms have used their expertise in making the whole process simpler and easier for both, the brands and the influencers, to collaborate on campaigns and drive the best results. With the increasing demand for better experience and ease of finding the best match for brands and creators, influencer marketing platforms have evolved and grown to be very useful to both the parties. 

Influencers are spread across different industries and expertise. It is up to you to find the right type of influencer for your niche. Irrespective of your product, we have listed fashion influencers, health and fitness influencers, gaming influencers and many more. If you are new to influencer marketing and are looking for influencer strategies to apply in your domain, we have got you covered with some of strategies for your brand and product.

In this blog we bring together the top influencer marketing platforms you need to be on in the year 2021 to get the right visibility and genuine collaborations.

What is an Influencer Marketing Platform?

An influencer marketing platform is a software solution that assists brands with their Influencer Marketing Campaigns. These softwares also provide influencer discovery tools for brands and agencies to find the right influencers for their product/services. Some of these platforms also provide insights based on their huge databases of potential influencers, using clever algorithms.

Let’s take a look at the top Influencer platforms you need to be on!

1. Influencer.in

Influencer.in, one of the leading influencer marketing platforms of India, has an extensive network of 40,000+ influencers from different genres like lifestyle, health, fashion, food, entertainment, etc. Their rich Indian influencer network and deep-dive into various metrics like quality of content, followers, engagement rates, and performance analysis is what makes them stand out! 

The platform also comes with a blog section and their live campaigns and detailed case studies. Some of the brands that they have successfully collaborated with are Swiggy, PUBG Mobile, Tata Cliq, Gamezy, MFine, Rapido, Wonderchef, Khatabook, Bewakoof, etc

2. OPA:

With their lowest pricing and a large Influencer network of more than 50,000, OPA has taken digital firms to the next level. They guarantee 90% of campaign completion with Plan, Prepare, Attack and Conquer as their basic strategy. Their collaborations include influencer campaigns for Lakme, Marico, Godrej, Wow, The Man Company, Kama Ayurveda, and many more!

3. Blogmint: 

Blogmint is said to be Asia’s largest Influencer website with over 40,000 in their influencer network consisting of vloggers and micro-influencers on board. This platform helps brands and agencies to find the right influencers for their campaign and hence, collaborate with them to generate impactful social and video content.

4. Pulpkey:

By collaborating on successful influencer campaigns with brands like Amazon, Behroz, Godrej, Hotstar, Cure.fit, etc, Pulpkey is another Influencer website you should definitely be on in 2021. Their tool called ‘Pulpkey Lookup’ is specially designed to provide you insights on any Instagram profile. This platform is doing wonders in collaborating with brands and influencers to tell great stories.

5. StarNgage:

A global influencer website, StarNgage helps brands analyze, customize, manage, measure word-of-mouth marketing and connect with top content creators from their huge database of global influencers. Brands like Ferrari, Paragon Singapore, Paypal have leveraged this platform to drive results through their influencer campaigns.

6. Winkl:

A Bangalore-based influencer marketplace, Winkl has about 30,000 influencers, bloggers, and KOLs to partner with brands and help them grow their target cohorts. This influencer marketing platform promises a reach of over 145 Million people to the businesses by creating a detailed influencer marketing strategy and hence helping the brands execute their influencer campaign in a hassle-free way. Some of the brands they have worked with are Roadster, Purplle, Motorola, Nokia, Flipkart, etc.

7. Influence.co:

Influence.co is the first influencer marketing platform to make its presence globally. The platform is designed for influencers to showcase their work to the businesses they would like to collaborate with. The platform is widely used by brands, agencies, and content creators to find each other and connect on collaborations.

8. Eleve Media

Eleve media as an influencer marketplace that ideates on-brand campaign strategies, back them with effective advocacy solutions to deliver high-quality engagement for the brand. Brands like Audi, Amazon, Durex, Pepsi have collaborated with creators through Eleve on successful influencer campaigns.

9. Qoruz:

Qoruz promises to provide an end-to-end influencer marketing solution by helping brands to find the right influencers, optimize campaigns, and measure results using a data-driven approach. With their vision of enabling the brands to build genuine trust with their consumers by leveraging real-world influencers as brand advocates. Qoruz is making its way into the market. 

10. Chtrbox:

Another leading influencer marketing platform in India, Chtrbox connects brands to social media influencers to share great stories with their audience. They help marketers discover and utilize the expertise of the best content creators, bloggers, social media influencers, and passionate fans of their brand. They help brands benefit by attracting customer attention, real-time engagement, and hence, growing their business. Some of their work includes brands like Nokia, Oyo, Adida, Whisper, Tropicana, etc.


Influencer marketing is a growing industry and with its gradual growth, the significance of the in-depth analysis of the insights and strategies to drive successful influencer campaigns to  get the best results is on high-demand. With the above list of influencer marketing platforms, you can connect with the right influencers (for businesses and agencies) and brands (for creators) to deliver the best for your consumers and audience respectively.


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