Bang Energy Whole Lotta Chocolata

Energy drinks are often associated with having a fruity flavor profile, but the Bang Energy Whole Lotta Chocolata has been unveiled by the brand as its latest variety that’s here to offer consumers an alternative. The drink is characterized by its 300mg caffeine content that’s further enhanced with EAAs, CoQ10 and Super Creatine to make it a well-rounded option for consumers looking to supplement their energy level. The drink maintains a rich, chocolatey flavor profile that is further enhanced with effervescent to make it an unexpectedly tasty and functional refreshment.

CEO Jack Owoc spoke on the new Bang Energy Whole Lotta Chocolata drink saying, “Lately, I have seen many companies creating ‘energy recipes’ that include Bang Energy drinks, such as ice cream companies, blended fruit beverages, and cooking recipes. It just shows that if you create a premium, great-tasting beverage like Bang Energy, people will find innovative ways to use the product in their own creative way. Can you imagine the recipes that include chocolate incorporating Whole Lotta Chocolata? The possibilities are endless for chocolate lovers who want a boost of energy to use Whole Lotta Chocolata!”

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