Festively Adorned Snack Packaging : Tyrrells Christmas packaging

The Tyrrells Christmas packaging is being launched by KP Snacks in the UK as a way to get consumers ready for the upcoming holiday season with a series of special images. The branding will be featured across the brand’s various Hand Cooked Crisps and Veg Crisps sharing bags, and each feature charming imagery overlaid with light snowfall. The packaging will be launching from the beginning of October in the UK and will come as a great reminder for shoppers to pick up their favorite flavor as they head to a holiday get-together.

Marketing Manager of Tyrrells Beth Minch spoke on the new Tyrrells Christmas packaging saying, “Tyrrells is the perfect premium snack to share with family and friends over the festive season, with taste and quality at the heart of the Tyrrells offering. Our quintessentially British crisps range is perfect for any premium sharing occasion, with many shoppers looking to trade up over the Christmas period. Tyrrells has performed extremely strongly in Premium Crisps and Snacks. The Christmas makeover will deliver a premium and special consumer snacking experience whilst growing sales.”

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