Flaky Free-From Biscuit Mixes : Biscuit Mix

The Scotty’s Everyday Keto Biscuit Mix has been unveiled by the brand as part of its expanded Keto-friendly lineup of mixes that will provide consumers with an easy way to whip up their favorite baked goods this holiday season.

The mix is characterized by its free-from recipe that is nut flour-free, gluten-free and ideal for crafting light, flaky biscuit that will satisfy cravings without any of the associated guilt. The Keto-friendly mix has zero net carbs to make it easy to incorporate into any meal.

Scotty himself spoke on the new Scotty’s Everyday Keto Biscuit Mix saying, “We are thrilled that people are realizing not only the delicious results and nutritional advantages of our keto, zero net carb, gluten-free, no-nut-flour baking mixes, but that they can also be used to make hundreds of other delicious foods. We love that our mixes are feeding creativity in the kitchen. We’re amazed at what great-tasting, beautiful, and nutritious foods people come up with using our mixes as a starting point. This idea of maximum versatility goes into our thinking with each new addition to our keto baking mix line.”

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