Top 100 Crypto Memes To Make You Laugh

Memes have become ubiquitous on social media. They have become the best modes of spreading information, be it news, opinions, or hilarious commentaries. Many of the memes relate to what’s happening in the world of crypto and blockchain technology.

100 of the Best Crypto Memes:

Crypto Crash 2022

The late-January crypto crash this year started as a tiny wobble that startled crypto traders. Unfortunately, it turned into a full-blown meltdown. Almost halfway through the year and many are yet to recover. This has spurred countless memes that express both devastation and optimism.

1. 911, I’m Dying!

2. Coinless, homeless.

Me when there is a Crypto crash


3. Winners among losers—the crash opens opportunities for others to finally invest in BTC.

invest in BTC



What once was a mere misspelling of “hold” has become an acronym for “hold on for dear life.” With the crash this year, crypto traders and enthusiasts are egging each other to HODL. Memes are still rolling to keep them clinging on despite the plunging prices.

4. “Believe me, I’ve been there. HODL,” says survivors of the 2013 and 2017 crypto crashes.

5. HODL on the moon. Make time pass by quicker than it seems. Reserve that SpaceX seat and while away time on the moon.

HODL on the moon


6. When everything seems impossible, just HODL it. 

Funniest Crypto Memes


7. Even in the face of disaster, HODL! Even Keanu knows that much.

Funny Crypto Jokes, Memes, and Quotes


Why You Need to HODL

Still not convinced to remain invested? These memes just might make you think again before selling out.

8. The biggest regret of your crypto life

9. The biggest regret in your entire life

The biggest regret in your entire life


HODLers Reign Supreme

In the hierarchy of crypto supremacy, the HODLers reign among all beings. Don’t be content with being a trader, miner, or altcoiner. Be a Hodler!

10. Hodlers stay on top of the crypto pyramid.

Ethereum Gas Hike

Silly memes have underscored how outrageous Ethereum gas fees are. Because it runs on Proof of Work, a consensus protocol, the entire network can handle only a limited number of transactions in a certain period. With NFTs thrown in, the ETH is experiencing a looming fuel crisis. Want to know just how shockingly high the fees are? Check out these memes.

11. It costs everything.

12. Same, same. My wallet and the Ethereum logo—exactly the same when it comes to gas.

Ethereum logo


13. You still sure you want to pay cryptos at McDonald’s?

Funniest Crypto Memes


Ethereum 2.0

ETH gas prices may be sky-high, but there’s still something to look forward to—the upgrade to Ethereum 2.0. The network is adding 64 shards or new chains to enable the system to process thousands of transactions per second. This is bound to make the ETH minting more affordable, secure, and scalable. However, the launch keeps getting pushed back, so it has spurred a sarcastic meme on the date of launch.

14. ETH 2.0 soon—yep, pretty, pretty soon

15. ETH 2.0 finally ships . . . decades from now

ETH 2.0 finally ships


Ethereum Is Still King

Even with the steep transaction fees, the ETH still rules the crypto world. Every now and then, we hear of a new one boasting to be the next Ethereum Killer. But nothing has yet dethroned the ETH.

16. Purported ETH killers no match for the real ETH

Real Men Own ETH

Gen X and older millennials are among the most heavily invested in cryptocurrencies. It’s no surprise they expect the next generation to follow suit.

17. Real men own ETH

The Crypto Ban

Governments banning crypto mining and trading isn’t exactly breaking news, but there seems to be more states that are keen on imposing or regulating crypto activities. The question is, how would they successfully implement such bans?

18. Governments can’t stop crypto. 

19. Government banning bitcoin? Nah! Highly unlikely.

Funniest Crypto Memes


Tax on Cryptos

Early this year, India’s finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, announced the imposition of tax on crypto assets. Other countries are likely to follow suit once cryptos are accepted as legal tender. Crypto users are naturally not too happy about this and have social media awash with memes about the issue.

20. Oh, the irony! 

21. Not too keen on getting taxed at 30%

22. Not as easy as it seems

Best Crypto Memes For You


Will Smith Makes It to the Crypto World

The crypto world didn’t let the slapping incident between Will Smith and Chris Rock pass. The image has been getting its share of memes related to the crypto space. Some find it distasteful, but some still find it hilarious.



Will Smith Makes It to the Crypto World



When it first launched in 2013, the Dogecoin didn’t get much hype even if it was the first meme currency in the crypto space. In fact, it was pretty much stagnant for several years. That is, until Elon Musk tweeted about it in 2020.

25. Nowhere near as strong as ETH and BTC—or is it?

26. Just a figment of your imagination

Just a figment of your imagination


27. The Dogecoin is worth HODLing.

The Dogecoin is worth HODLing


28. Dogecoin, huh? Hmmm . . .

Elon Musk Tweets

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been wreaking havoc in the crypto space. Well, not everything he does causes chaos, but his tweets create some pretty chaotic changes in the crypto trading scene. Remember how Dogecoin’s price skyrocketed after his tweet last year? That gives you a glimpse of his impact on the crypto world. The new meme currency based on his dog, Baby Floki, is worth watching out for too. Its value increases whenever Elon tweets about his dog. It’s also deflationary, so the more people there are who use it, the higher its value increases.

29. Elon Musk giving everyone a hearty welcome after Dogecoin high

30. From nothing to super alt in just one tweet!

Funniest Crypto Memes


31. There’s no escape from Musk’s tweets.

Elon Musk Tweets



What started out as a joke in the crypto world has become one of the top performing coins this year. The Shib, the second dog meme coin, has risen in value faster than most other coins. When something this unexpected happens, expect the memes to come out.

32. Who let the dogs out?

The Extremely Volatile Market

We all know that the blockchain is still in its infancy and that the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile. But new coiners can get a bit carried away. Here are some classic memes that remind everyone that it still pays to be cautious.

33. Gone in a blink of an eye

Not a Quick Get-Rich Scheme

Because crypto enthusiasts can be overly enthusiastic when they talk about their crypto portfolios, new coiners can get pretty high expectations. More often than not, this leads to a big letdown after their investments.

34. Is this a scam? Show me the money! 

35. When seconds feel like forever . . .

Not a Quick Get-Rich Scheme


Got Lucky!

While most have to wait and HODL to get returns, there are a few lucky ones who hit it big early on. Don’t you just wish you had all their luck?

36. Hell, yeah!

Expectation vs. Reality

Crypto memes won’t be complete without the classic expectations vs. reality posts. Here are two classic ones that still have us nodding our heads in agreement.

37. Hmmm . . . what’s wrong with this picture?

38. To the moon—or not

Expectation vs. Reality


Before and After

39. Married to cryptos

40. You’ll never be the same again—ever.

Before and After


BitConnect Scam

The BitConnect Scam happened way back in 2017, but memes about it remain legendary. Once in a while, you see them popping up here and there to remind coiners to be wary of similar schemes. Most of these memes feature Carlos Matos, an investor who enthusiastically gave a testimonial in the first annual ceremony of BitConnect. This coin is among the cryptos that leaped from less than a dollar in value to hundreds of dollars. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the largest scam in the crypto world.



Popular Crypto Memes


Stocks vs. Cryptos vs. Gold

The debate continues. Which investment yields the highest returns? Which is the best one for the long term? Which is the most volatile? We’ve got a few memes that let you in on how these assets fare against each other.

43. Are You sure cryptos are better than stocks?

44. Know anyone who got rich buying NFTs? Apparently, NFT flippers on OpenSea are raking in more profits than spiffy fund managers on Wall Street.

Best Crypto Memes


45. When American stockbroker Peter Schiff insisted that gold trumps Bitcoin as an asset, he became a familiar figure in crypto memes. Every time Bitcoin outperforms gold, you’re bound to see his face splattered online.

Best Crypto Memes


The Bitcoin on Life Support

With the rebound after the crash still uncertain, Bitcoin looks like a bubble waiting to be popped. Some Bitcoiners are in a state of panic; some holding on for dear life; and others are on life support. Despite the uncertainties, they’re all finding hilarious ways to keep their sanity—and portfolios—intact.

46. Thankfully, the crypto isn’t on a real ship. Otherwise, it would already have sunk to the bottom—along with all coiners.

47. Keep it steady . . . 


Although many have lost significantly as the value of cryptos continues to decline, there are those looking to make profits during the dip. But then, when is the dip—the real dip—and nothing but the dip?

48. A dip within a dip

49. Hurrah for buying the dip. Hugs of comfort when the dip keeps dipping and dipping and dipping . . .



50. How do you tell what’s real and what’s not?



51. Well, are you ready for the next dip?

52. Saying that cryptocurrency is volatile is an understatement.

Saying that cryptocurrency is volatile is an understatement


53. The dip is here—homeless but still buying the dip.

still buying the dip


54. Don’t you wish we can turn back time when the dip was nowhere in sight?

Funniest Crypto Memes


Bitcoin Trying to Bring All Crypto Markets Out of the Dip

Bitcoin’s down too, but it’s still trying to get everyone out of the dip—probably a good enough reason to HODL.


Meta and Mark Z vs. the Crypto World

Decades ago, the Web 3.0 was a mere dream for a lot of geeks and crypto pioneers. Now that it is unfolding, crypto enthusiasts are eager to see how it can truly transform the web into a decentralized world. However, they’re not too keen on seeing Mark Zuckerberg and other people who may have vested interests lead the transition to the metaverse. Their memes speak for themselves.

56. The crypto world wants a real decentralized world web, not just the same old stuff with the word “meta” attached to it.

57. Who’s really behind Web 3.0? Please don’t let it be another big scam!

58. Hmmm . . . something smells fishy?

Meta and Mark Z vs. the Crypto World


Are You Rich, Broke, or Uncertain About Your Financial Status?

Admit it: It’s hard to measure your wealth when it comes to cryptocurrency. Even with a massive crypto portfolio, you can’t claim to be rich. 

59. Used most of your savings to build a substantial crypto portfolio? I’m sure you can relate to this meme.

60. No money, only cryptos.

No money, only cryptos


61. Do crypto gains translate to more money? Well, we’re not always that sure either.

62. I guess he thought wrong.

No money, only cryptos


When Moon? Where Lambo?

When Moon and Where Lambo memes appear almost every time there are new crypto projects. These memes subtlety express how crypto investors are looking forward to a dramatic rise in the value of the coin compared to fiat currency.

63. If you’re a crypto enthusiast, you’ve probably seen this meme several times during the bull market.

64. Can’t wait to drive that Lambo after hitting it big on cryptos?

When Moon? Where Lambo?


The Stressful Life of a Coiner

Think crypto trading is all fun and games? There’s so much more to it than sitting in your jammies and pounding on your keyboards. These memes show the rough tumble crypto people go through.


66. Nope. It ain’t stressful at all. 😀 

Funniest Crypto Memes


67. A year older, but much, much wiser. Hopefully.

Stressful Life of a Coiner


68. Just a normal day in our lives

Stressful Life of a Coiner


69. Who needs sleep anyway?

Stressful Life of a Coiner


70. Are you sure you know what you’re getting into? Are you perfectly sure?

Stressful Life of a Coiner


No Coiners

There are people who want Bitcoins but can’t afford them. Then there are people who think that Bitcoin is a complete scam. They still profess that cryptos have no actual value in real life.


No-Coiner Converts Who Wish They Could Turn Back Time

Crypto skeptics of yore who have realized that they missed out on huge crypto gains will surely want to turn back time. These memes egg no coiners to act now before it’s too late.

72. Back to the future, after buying bitcoins

73. Why people? Why?

Crypto Memes


74. I told you so!

Best crypto memes for 2022


Blockchain Transactions

Transactions in the crypto world don’t always go that fast every single time. When glitches happen or when the lag seems unusually long, you can’t help but worry and sweat a bucket.


Reckless Crypto Buying

Crypto enthusiasts are known for being reckless when it comes to investing in cryptos. Things don’t always turn out good though. As with all investments, the higher the risk, the higher the potential loss.

76. Uh-uh . . . don’t get too carried away.

77. Waiting to go to the moon . . . 

Waiting to go to the moon


78. Perhaps you should look for a fellow crypto enthusiast—a match made in heaven?

crypto enthusiast


79. Like this one, perhaps?

80. Well . . . maybe a little more than I could

Funny Crypto Jokes, Memes, and Quotes


81. Now, don’t go overboard. No, no, no.

Funny Crypto Jokes, Memes, and Quotes


Getting Poorer . . . and Poorer . . . and Poorer

Well, we all wish cryptos were the key to prosperity. Unfortunately, there have been some people who staked everything only to lose everything. Manage your expectations. Crypto investing, especially if you haven’t done your homework, can cripple your finances.


Explaining Crypto Be Like

Crypto enthusiasts may not realize it, but they can be pretty hyped when explaining the technology and network to people who are new to them. We’ve got some good memes that show this side of them.

83. Not so cool, not so cool at all


Funniest Crypto Memes


85. With Bitcoiners get carried away with their passion for cryptos, it’s no wonder people are scared to even ask.

The Wonderful World of Crypto

The crypto world is a wonderful mix of diverse people. Some memes give a glimpse of their colorful lives.

86. Don’t want to seem greedy? Say you’re in it for tech.

87. The alt-coiners getting ‘em all.

88. The not-quite expert yet but pompously proud Bitcoiner



89. The unintentional crypto expert

unintentional crypto expert


Crypto Trader Life

Want to know what goes on in the life of a crypto trader? Check out these memes.


91. The side job?

Crypto Trader Life


92. Trading on the side job—gonna step on the accelerator now

Optimistic Future

Despite the crash and the uncertainties, many crypto users remain optimistic. They’re HODLing and keeping their enthusiasm regardless of the circumstances.

93. Chill. We’ve got Bitcoin.

94. Staying positive even when losing money

Funny Crypto Jokes, Memes, and Quotes


95. Where the fun and excitement is!

Best Crypto Memes


Now and Then

Cryptos are a generational thing. Got some memes here that show how the crypto generation is different from ages ago.



Cryptos are a generational thing


New Gen NFTs

Non-fungible tokens are also part of the crypto world. Here are a couple of memes for the NFT enthusiasts.



NFT Memes


The Crypto Meme Expert

We’re leaving you with one last meme that you can share after going through our long list of crypto memes. Be proud and share your crypto meme expert badge!


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