Wintery Cola Hard Seltzers : Berczy Winter Cola

The Berczy Winter Cola hard seltzer is being launched by the brand to provide consumers with an alternative flavor to enjoy this holiday season. The drink features an all-natural recipe that is achieved using kola nut and lime along with British sparkling spring water and four-times distilled spirit. The libation comes in four packs priced at £11.95.

Co-Founder Nick Graham spoke further on the new Berczy Winter Cola hard seltzer saying, “We are bringing together a number of flavour trends into our first limited edition flavour, with natural cola becoming increasingly prevalent in soft drinks. After 6 months of research, development and taste testing, we have delicately balanced the flavours of kola nut and lime into an all natural, refreshing and light alcoholic drink for the colder months. Hard seltzer is often seen as a summer focussed drink, but we are looking to change that perception with the British public. We are also really excited to launch our new flavour into exclusive 4-pack multi-packs, a format that is becoming increasingly popular.”

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