Affordable aviation training in a compact package at I/ITSEC 2021

Colliander adds that there was ordinarily one simulator per squadron, with each simulator costing $15 million or more. MIS’s goal, Colliander says, is to take advantage of Unreal Engine’s capabilities to make simulators more accessible.

Efficient deployment lowers cost and encourages adoption

“Why do we need these $15 million domes when we can actually just put a consumer headset on someone, buy a stick and a throttle, and then they can actually fly in VR?” asks Colliander. “Our goal would be to, at a fraction of that cost, have one simulator per pilot instead, and that’s what we’ll actually be showing at I/ITSEC with the NOR system.”

The NOR demonstration at I/ITSEC is just the beginning for MIS—the company plans to develop more modules as use cases are added. For example, one of NOR’s upcoming modules, the JTAC Trainer, will be teased in the Immersive Display Systems Inc. booth at I/ITSEC.

“It’s interoperability, making sure that the platform can talk all the military languages and interact with everybody,” says Colliander. “There are already plugins that do this, but it’s not necessarily integrated enough to just be plug-and-play.”

Leveraging AI to augment environment data sources

While many companies are making use of GIS data, satellite data, 3D models, and photogrammetry to represent the world around them, these uses are often limited to certain resolutions. “An inherent problem of photogrammetry applications is that if you get in close, you get a smeary, melted look of the world,” says Colliander.

To provide a realistic depiction of the world at any resolution, MIS uses a combination of satellite imagery, elevation data, road network maps, electrical grid maps, and other data, layering one over the other to interpret and enhance the visuals.

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