Algoryx delivers reliable training and testing for AI-controlled machines

“We wanted Algoryx to offer both bottom-up and top-down solutions,” says Bodin. “So we developed the first direct integration in Unreal Engine as a bottom-up plugin for general use. Top-down, we also work on solutions for industry customers, which is an emerging market for us. Being able to be platform-centric bottom-up, and then do real design applications top-down is a crucial combination.”

Algoryx developed AGX Dynamics to be able to solve many types of problems. Bodin explains that is something that Unreal Engine and Algoryx have in common.

“The Unreal Engine platform is very special. The platform is very general so that you can do almost anything with engineering simulation, scientific facilitation, and virtual reality. We also wanted the platform to be open and available so that our customers can extend it and go beyond what we can do,” he says.

And because Unreal Engine is a largely distributed development platform that is available to everyone, Bodin says there are plenty of competent Unreal developers and talent to support the development of their applications.

One of those talents who partnered with Algoryx is Mikael Lugnegård, an art director for Maximum Games and graduate of the prestigious Institute of Design at Umeå University. He created the futuristic interpretation of the wheel loader Algoryx uses to demonstrate their technology.

“It was a blast to design the wheel loader based on real-world data, with working mechanics, and still push the envelope visually,” he says. “Finding the language and character to make the wheel loader standout was really intense.”

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