CROSSFIRE: Sierra Squad brings the FPS franchise to a new reality

Why was the PlayStation®VR2 the right platform for CROSSFIRE: Sierra Squad?


PS VR2 is the newest platform that can provide outstanding immersion and experience. We’ve been able to make use of its innovative features like adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and more to maximize the immersive shooting experience.

How does CROSSFIRE: Sierra Squad make use of the PS VR2’s unique features, like enhanced haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers?

Lee: We have a range of 50 weapons in CFSS. Players will be able to feel differences shooting each weapon through adaptive triggers. Each weapon’s trigger pressure will be somewhere between light (e.g. SMGs) and heavy (snipers). When players hold their weapon near their head, headset rumble is activated. For example, when players bring their head near the scope of a weapon for precise shooting, they can feel the rumble similar to what they would feel when actually shooting a gun.

Why was Unreal Engine the right choice for CROSSFIRE: Sierra Squad

Lee: During the development of our previous projects, Focus on You and Rogan: The Thief in the Castle, we were thrilled to develop on UE as we have experienced high performance with the engine, not to mention a convenient interface, accessible tutorials on web/YouTube, and Korean-translated documentation.

Were there any Unreal Engine tools that were helpful in developing the VR experience of CROSSFIRE: Sierra Squad?

Lee: Many tools have been helpful. Without the following tools, the development of CFSS would have been very difficult.

  • Blueprints: most of CFSS‘s logic is implemented in Blueprints.
  • Blueprint Assist provided a unified format.
  • Logic Driver was used in most of the NPC AI and animation logic.

What did it mean to receive an Epic MegaGrant?


Our studio was thrilled to receive a MegaGrant from Epic as we considered it as an acknowledgement for our technical and artistic quality. It definitely worked as a driving force for our team to take on more challenges to make CFSS an innovative experience.

Thank you for your time! Where can people learn more about CROSSFIRE: Sierra Squad?

Lee: Follow us on our social channels as we’ll be adding news and updates as we get closer to our launch this summer!

Twitter: @playCFSS

Facebook: @playCROSSFIRESierraSquad

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