Ford Makes NFT Entry With Trademark Applications

American automobile giant Ford Motor Company is making a grand entry into the metaverse and Web3.0 ecosystem through its targeted trademark applications.


According to trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis, the company has filed 19 trademark applications for all of its major brands claiming plans for virtual cars, trucks, vans, and clothing.

The company has also requested online stores for non-fungible tokens (NFT), pushing forth a narrative that the Web3.0 ecosystem is not peculiar to just one industry. 


While this is the first foray of the tech giant into the metaverse, quite a number of car brands have made their moves into the NFT world in the past few years. Lamborghini, the Italian luxury brand launched its limited series NFT collection last year, featuring a 3D Composable material that has travelled into space.


Besides Ford Motor Company and Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, and Bentley have all also floated their own respective NFT collections. In what is now becoming a trend, each of these companies is launching their NFT collections with a defining theme that spans creativity to a piece of their history and more underlying reason.


The NFT and Metaverse world is growing at a breakneck pace, with brands within the fashion industry, social media, entertainment, and even financial services floating new services and obtaining patents in preparation for a more global embrace in the near future.


With the metaverse that many are envisaging open to new creativity and innovation, patent filing is being used as a means to secure some unique solutions well ahead of time. According to Kondoudis, the number of patent applications from January to August of this year has far exceeded the total recorded in the 2021 financial year.


The wake-up call accepted by crypto-native firms towards the development of the metaverse is now spreading abroad to Web2.0 firms also. Experts project a more mainstream focus of brands into the metaverse in the next few years.

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