Meta hints at Quest Pro launch on October 11

Meta has set the date of its next big event, Meta Connect, and all signs point to this being the debut of the new Quest Pro VR headset.

Mark your calendar for October 11, since this event promises to be filled with exciting news for VR enthusiasts, including more revelations about ongoing work and plans to expand the metaverse.

Mark Zukerberg is wearing a next generation VR headset.

You can check a countdown at Meta’s new website, The event will be streamed on the Reality Labs Facebook page starting at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET. The invitation page contains minimal information, describing the event as an exploration of augmented and virtual reality as well as building the metaverse. The metaverse will be the form the internet will take in the advanced technologies that are coming.

While Meta isn’t sharing many details about the event, some information has already come out, such as plans for Meta’s next VR headset to be announced in October, as told by Zuckerberg himself during his visit to the Joe Rogan podcast. This new headset is expected to be based on Reality Labs’ work on Project Cambria. Expected to be officially called the Quest Pro, Meta has said the new headset will cost more than $800 and will bring an interesting new approach to VR.

Another teaser of the new VR headset was shared by Meta, shown above, with Zuckerberg smiling and wearing a mysterious VR headset. The small amount of hardware that’s visible looks much the same as one of the prototypes that Meta teased in a showcase earlier this year. The display portion is significantly slimmer and more open than that of a Quest 2 headset and the back of the head strap is bulkier. This should provide a more balanced feel when worn.

Mark Zuckerberg tests a next-gen VR headset.

The Quest 2 and earlier models have had the capability of running apps and browsing the internet, but that was more of an afterthought, while gaming was the real purpose for VR. With the Quest Pro, doing productive work is said to be considered a primary focus. Combined with the new Meta accounts that separate Quest headsets from a requirement for a Facebook account, Meta is gearing up for more work to be done in and on the metaverse.

That doesn’t mean fun and games are off-limits. The Quest Pro will be able to run Quest 2 apps and games. With advanced display technology and a faster processor, the Quest Pro will certainly tempt gamers to upgrade, as well. The time for teasers, previews, and leaks is nearly over, and the full information will be shared at Meta Connect on October 11.

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