MetaMask to Offer its Users NFT Price Tracking in Collaboration With NFTBank

Non-custodial wallet provider MetaMask has launched a new Non-Fungible Token (NFT) portfolio tracking service, a move that will be powered by NFTBank, an NFT portfolio management tool, and valuation engine.


Despite the growth of the NFT ecosystem, this offshoot of blockchain technology has generally lacked tools and infrastructures that can help collectors track their transaction history and get pricing estimates when compared to the other offshoots of blockchain.

NFTBank has committed its resources to changing the narrative and it has developed a high-powered Machine Learning-based algorithm that can offer price estimates for up to 5000 collections with a high degree of accuracy.

The robust nature of the NFTBank solution can merge well with the scale and diversity of the MetaMask wallet, thus making it a perfect alignment for all protocols involved.

“MetaMask continues to provide a rich NFT Experience, and enabling pricing information for our users within the portfolio dapp is another step forward; beginning today, our users can get real-time price updates and values about the NFTs they’ve acquired across all accounts to enable them to make informed decisions,” said Kai Huang, Product Manager, MetaMask Portfolio dApp, “NFTBank has proven itself as the ideal partner to enable this feature because of its sophisticated machine-learning models and strong infrastructure capabilities that can support MetaMask’s scale in order to provide a consistent experience for millions of MetaMask users.”

The attempt by MetaMask to broaden the utility of its NFT support has been tagged as an attempt to soften the landing pad for new users entering the space to understand what to expect in terms of pricing. With NFTBank topping the chart as one of the most used NFT price trackers, the collaboration between the duo has been tagged as one of the most strategic for the digital collectible space this year.

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