New MetaHuman release brings easier sharing and DNA calibration

We’re pleased to announce a new release of MetaHuman! With this release, we’ve extended the framework to make it easier to share your MetaHumans—either for fun with friends, or in order to collaborate and iterate on them with colleagues in professional pipelines. We’ve also made it possible to edit aspects of MetaHumans’ unique DNA files to customize them or integrate them into your pipeline.

Sharing MetaHumans

Sharing your MetaHumans just got a whole lot easier. Simply download your digital human’s description as a MetaHuman binary file from MetaHuman Creator and send it to a recipient using your preferred method, such as email or Google Drive; on receipt, they can instantly view a copy of that MetaHuman by uploading the file to Creator. Simple.

For teams working on characters, this new approach provides a faster way to collaborate on and refine assets. And because each MetaHuman can now be described in a single file (rather than as an asset, like you would get using Quixel Bridge), teams can use their own versioning systems to track versions and iterations.

The new sharing feature means you can:

  • Quickly and easily show off your MetaHumans to friends
  • Collaborate on MetaHumans with team members in a more streamlined workflow
  • Smoothly hand over MetaHuman assets to external teams
  • Share MetaHumans with yourself—for example, between different accounts

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