Preserving European royal heritage with RealityCapture and Unreal Engine

As a project, it wasn’t always a straightforward process. The team encountered unexpected challenges, not from the technology, but from the environment. 

“We were really surprised by the strict rules imposed,” explains Milan. “We weren’t allowed to use flashes on the vast majority of the assets we captured, we were never left unattended, and there was absolutely no food and drink allowed on set, for fear of contamination. We actually had to shoot some of the assets via a glass cage. Without RealityCapture and Unreal Engine, the quality of what we would have been able to take would have been unusable in terms of lighting, reflections, and color matching elements.” 

Capturing the future: RealityCapture and Unreal Engine  

With the combination of RealityCapture and Unreal Engine, Artzenal was able to generate what the team feels are some of the most lifelike scenes currently available in the industry, producing a rich resource of interactive, adjustable content in the process. 

The VR show debuted at the LEAP 2023 conference in Riyadh, where it provided thousands of visitors with their first experience of virtual tourism as they walked through the digitized rooms and interacted with objects from the collection.

Artzenal has firmly embedded these tools into its workflows, and is now using the technology in all of its projects. And with the latest features in Unreal Engine 5, such as Nanite virtualized micropolygon geometry and Lumen dynamic global illumination and reflections, the optimization process has been drastically improved, cutting down processing time from months to weeks, and achieving photorealism in real time is even easier. 

“Using this potent combination of technology, the essence of reality is truly captured,” says Milan. “It enables us not only to create a high-fidelity copy of the asset in its current state, but to reimagine it in its prime glory. Using RealityCapture and Unreal Engine together creates a cinematic atmosphere that promotes storytelling and takes our scanned data to another level.” 

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