Recruiting astronauts with virtual production

“In the past, the space agency worked with internal teams for video content,” says Jérôme Bernard, founder of Duck Factory. “This time though, they needed a fresh set of eyes—and new, cutting-edge technology—to create a recruitment ad that was truly aspirational.”

With the help of virtual production in Unreal Engine, the Duck Factory team had just three months to deliver a film good enough to inspire the next generation of people to take steps on the moon. The pressure was on.

Ten virtual environments, millions of triangles 

The initial brief came in September 2020, and it was immediately evident to the Duck Factory team that it wouldn’t be feasible to bring all their ideas to life using traditional production methods.

“Our actors had to go to the moon. They had to command spaceships. It was impossible to incorporate all these ideas to the quality we’d expect,” says Jérôme. “Soon, it became obvious that combining virtual production technology with the power of Unreal Engine would not only enhance the overall creativity behind the project, but also enable us to deliver on time.” 

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