AI-Powered Cloud Software : AI-Powered Cloud Software

DataRobot is innovating on the logistics solutions front for businesses with its new AI-powered cloud software.

The ‘AI Cloud’ is capable of handling mass amounts of data according to specified models and parameters. The utility of the artificial intelligence is incredible as the end-to-end solution is capable of sorting through, evaluating, and delivering hundreds of accurate data points through automated machine learning.

Whichever data model a business or industry requires, the DataRobot AI cloud is capable of handling the entire service, end-to-end, while also learning and making new predictions on the data.

Currently, the DataRobot AI Cloud is available for banking, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries. This is a trial-by-fire that will demonstrate the incredible benefit the DataRobot AI Cloud can offer countless industries. The DataRobot AI Cloud is anticipated to be available for other industries soon.

Image Credit: DataRobot

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